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Our stories

“Sometimes the word Hospice can be scary.  The earlier you connect with us in your journey – whether it be as a result of a life-limiting illness, caregiving, or bereavement – the better we can support you and those close to you.  Get connected, find out what is available, and continue to live your best life.”


Campbell River Hospice Society


I have been battling breast cancer for 22 years.  In 2013, it came back and is now at stage 4.  I always accepted my fate, which I felt was different than facing the end of my life.  In May 2017, I went to Hospice for guidance and to learn coping tools to make my journey happy and fulfilling.  I was very exhausted and tired during this time and reflexology and reiki was heaven-sent and allowed me to just tune out for a while. The Hospice Society made me feel normal.  I really appreciated the unwritten understanding that you don’t have to explain to anyone why you’re there.  Their counselling helped me feel that I’m not going through this alone and allowed me to talk about anything.  I could talk about my deep core feelings without being judged, while knowing it's confidential.  I do have some close friends and loved ones I can talk to but it’s just not the same.  Many people are not comfortable with these kinds of discussions, plus I don’t want to burden them.  I’m so grateful I decided to accept Hospice support.  Both my General Practitioner and Oncologist were very impressed when I told them I decided to make Hospice part of my journey.  There are even times I forget I’m sick.


 I tell everyone I know that Hospice is not just for the dying, it’s for grieving a loved one, grieving an end-of-life diagnosis and preparing for end-of-life.  Hospice is there to help you and your family through the journey -- not just at the end of it. 


Netta Huffman – Campbell River Hospice Society Client




Nanaimo Community Hospice Society 

Simone Shares Her Journey to Healing for Herself and Her two Young Children

When my husband died under tragic circumstances it was not an overstatement to say that it shattered my world.   The whirlwind of emotions amidst the devastation left me winded and without direction. Nanaimo Community Hospice laid a pathway to healing.

I was a 35-year-old mother of three beautiful children. I did not know where to turn for comfort.   Private counselling was beyond my financial grasp.

I began my journey with Hospice for the sake of my children but stayed as it became our safe family sanctuary. Cady, the Child & Youth Counselor, earned my kids’ trust quickly, respectfully holding a space while they each processed their unique journeys without pressure or timelines.  Many days, all I needed was to walk through those front doors knowing I did not have to hide my aching heart as I continued living without my spouse.   

Ten months after his death, we were still accessing services that provided us with powerful tools for healing on a journey that no one should have to bear without safe, affordable, and accessible support.  

The services provided by Nanaimo Hospice are well rounded and executed smoothly, and with great care.  The counselors are warm and professional and the reiki treatments we all accessed were profound, soothing, and healing.   I am eternally grateful for the day I walked through the doors of this Safe Haven.

Graham & Christine

Oceanside Hospice

When my wonderful husband, Graham, was diagnosed at 51 with incurable brain cancer, our lives changed quickly and drastically.

I didn’t know where to turn. A friend suggested Hospice.  I made that first phone call shaking, and on the verge of tears.  I was quickly calmed by a friendly, compassionate voice.  A counselling appointment was made for the following week.  I remember thinking, ‘What was I going to say? Graham wasn’t dead, yet’.  The counsellor listened, providing comfort and gentle words of wisdom as I asked questions and shared “our story”, releasing so much of the fear and tears I’d been holding in.

Graham was in rapid decline and we quickly needed increasing support. He died one month after diagnosis.  Hospice was there every step of the way with homecare, health-aid equipment, counselling and help in getting Graham into a palliative bed in the hospital where he was so beautifully cared for.

Following Graham’s death, Hospice became a place where I could allow my grief to unfold, supported by people who cared and knew my pain. The counselling, reiki sessions, drop-in teatime, extensive library and New Beginnings support group all helped me to move forward.

I will be forever grateful to Oceanside Hospice. The process of losing a loved one is so frightening, disorienting and overwhelming.  Having access to our local Hospice helped Graham and I before his death and continues to help me to this day.

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